Platypus Australia Swimwear featured in As Mom Sees It USA

Platypus Australia Swimwear featured on As Mom Sees It. How exciting!

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Platypus Australia Swimwear Cute and Protective

Among the many things I’ve learned as a parent is, that when it comes to girls, there are two things that are nearly impossible to find: cute winter boots that are in stock and cute swim suits that are in stock. Since my daughter is 5-years-old, a swim diaper is obviously not an option. She wants something cute and fun, I want something cute that helps keep her protected. We found all these things thanks to Platypus Australia.

We were thrilled when Platypus Australia reached out to us about checking out their line of girls swimwear. The styles are so cute and have a UPF50+ rating, blocking out at least 97.5% of harmful ultraviolet radiation. But, mostly they’re cute.

Platypus Swimwear

Platypus Australia is a leading UV swimwear brand, offering a selection of high quality sun protective swimwear for girls and boys, ranging from sizes 0 to 14. We love that their styles are designed to mix-and-match, and their UV protective swimwear and matching rash guards are for kids who like to be active, comfortable and stylish, yet protected from the sun.

Platypus Swimwear

We don’t have a pool yet, but this little water lover doesn’t care – she’d play in the hose all day if we let her and when we visit the local waterparks, indoors or out, we know that her delicate skin is protected by sunscreen and her new swimsuits.

Platypus Swimwear

The designs for baby, girls, boys, and even women are bright, the fabric is durable, and the mix-and-match capabilities with their swimsuits and swim accessories make it really fun to get ready for summer.

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